All American Pressure Canner

All-American canners, manufactured by the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry since 1930, are built with exceptional quality and features and offer the busy cook numerous time and money-saving benefits!

Home canning is a popular method for preserving large or small quantities of high-quality food at home.

With the contamination risk involved with canning, USDA only recommends pressure canning for preserving low-acid foods and the only method recommended for canning meat, fish*, poultry, and vegetables.

All-American canners, which come in various sizes, quickly and easily tenderize lower-priced cuts of meat. Many nutrients and vitamins are preserved when food is cooked in a pressure cooker, saving valuable nutrition that would otherwise be lost.

One of our favorite features of All-American pressure canners/cookers is unique; precision machined metal-to-metal lid sealing system, which achieves a perfect seal without using a gasket. Clamping locks with positive action align the cover to the base, forming a steam tight seal. Because there is no gasket, the lid is always easy to open and close. Other pressure canner designs expose the gasket to cuts, burns, cracks, and age hardening, all of which would halt your food canning operation. These risks are eliminated by the gasket-free design.

All-American pressure canners are constructed of thick cast aluminum, which is far stronger than most stamped metal canners on the market.
With no painted surfaces to crack, chip, or discolor, these canners are built for a lifetime.

Simple to use: The canners used by All-American are “weighted-gauge” canners. The supplied pressure regulator weight can be installed on the canner’s vent pipe in one of three positions labeled for 5, 10, or 15 pounds of pressure. When the pressure reaches the desired level, the regulator weight emits a distinct and audible sound. The heat on the stove is then adjusted so that the regulator weight jiggles one to four times per minute. The cooking time begins with the first jiggle. It’s that easy! With a bit of practice, you’ll learn what position to put your stove’s burner in for the type of job you’re doing, and the needle-type pressure gauge adds another useful pressure indicator.


  • Satin finish with no fingerprints Exclusive no-gasket seal
  • Bakelite wing nuts that don’t melt
  • High-precision geared pressure gauge
  • Handle made of strong Bakelite
  • Over-pressure release of neoprene
  • Weight of the pressure regulator
  • Handles for side lifts
  • Edges that are double-thickness
  • Every All-American canner includes a large neoprene plug that safely prevents over-pressuring.

All models include a recipe and an instruction book that measures 8.5″ x 11″.

While many pressure cooker owners use their cookers for beans, lentils, and rice (following specific procedures for those foods), the manufacturer of the All-American Canner advises against using it for those foods because of the foaming and frothing action could cause clogging.

The amount of liquid that each pressure cooker holds varies depending on the model. Model 910 has a capacity of 10.5 quarts, Model 915 has a capacity of 15.5 quarts, Model 921 has a capacity of 21.5 quarts, Model 925 has a capacity of 25 quarts, Model 930 has a capacity of 30 quarts, and Model 941 has a capacity of 41.5 quarts.

Please keep in mind that All-American pressure canners are only warranted and sold for home use.

All-American canners are not compatible with induction or glass cooktops.

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